Bridgerton fans can’t believe they missed this significant moment at Edwina and Anthony’s wedding

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  • Bridgerton season 2 hit Netflix this month, and while there has been a noticeable lack of racy romps this time around everyone is still talking about it. Whether it’s the fact that the beauty looks were created using this one make-up brand or the bizarre prop that they use during sex scenes the period drama remains a fan favourite.

    The second season might have forgone its signature steaminess in favour of more Mr Darcy moments (you know the one we’re talking about), but there have been plenty of significant moments that fans are only just starting to notice – including one particularly symbolic few seconds during the wedding.

    Edwina and Kate Sharma, sisters of the Bridgerton universe, are the stars of the series and become embroiled in a big of a love tangle with the one and only Anthony Bridgerton.

    Although Anthony and Edwina are deemed a good match, his chemistry with Kate is undeniable. Despite his uncertainty, he proposes to Edwina believing it to be the right thing to do.

    However on their big day, Edwina realises that he is actually madly in love with her sister Kate when he returns her bracelet, and decides to call things off. Drama.

    But eagle eyed viewers have just noticed that there’s a moment that represents this tricky situation during the wedding. Edwina’s veil drapes along the floor between Kate and Anthony as they look into each others eyes.

    Fans on Twitter obviously had a lot to say about it.

    ‘The fact that Edwina’s veil is literally separating Kate and Anthony is poetic cinema at its finest,’ one wrote.

    Another added: ‘It’s all in the tiniest details.’

    Bridgerton season 2 is currently available on Netflix, and the cast have teased a season 3 return.

    Excited? Same.

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