I’m a Mom With Two Kids—These 30 Easy Picks Feel So Stylish

First off, shout-out to all the moms out there trying their darnedest to keep stylish. With two kids of my own, I know the struggle all too well. Some days it is what it is, and I reach for the cleanest outfit around, but, man, does it feel good to have a solid fashion moment. My trick for being able to pull this off lately is to create a wardrobe capsule of sorts that is full of easy yet stylish pieces. The overall concept is to have a base of timeless options and to sprinkle in a few trendy pieces to keep things fresh.

Ahead, I break down my top picks per category. For tops, I rely heavily on button-downs, basic t-shirts, and minimalist sweaters. My outerwear go-to’s are trench coats, black blazers, and a variety of chic jackets and coats. Bags and accessories are where I really have fun (and splurge a little) with statement pieces like chic mini bags. Moving on to pants and jeans, you’ll see the constants are straight-leg jeans and black leggings with some standout pieces mixed in.

Dresses are definitely an easy way to have a stylish moment since it’s a one-and-done situation. Currently, I’m a huge fan of minimalist dress silhouettes with a great floral print. Lastly, shoes always give an opportunity to give looks some character—I’m all about modern takes on the classic with an edgy touch. Think lug-sole boots and square-toed ballet flats.

Scroll on to discover and shop my top 30 picks this season for mom-approved easy yet stylish outfits.

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