Innoscience 140W GaN-on-Si power suppky

Innoscience Technology, the eight year-old GaN-on-Si power specialist, has announced a  140W power supply that uses the

company’s high- and low-voltage GaN HEMT devices to achieve efficiencies of over 95% (230VAC; 5V/28A).

Measuring  60x60x22mm (2.4×2.4×0.9in) the PSU has a class-leading power density of 1.76W/cm3(29W/in3).

“By using GaN switches for both the high- and low-voltage functions on this design, we are maximizing efficiency rather than compromising it with lossy silicon devices,” says Innosciences’s Denis Marcon.

The 140W 300kHz AC/DC adapter uses a CRM Totem Pole PFC + AHB topology.

It features Innoscience’s INN650DA140A, a 650V /140mΩ GaN HEMT in the 5x6mm DFN package, for switches S1 and S2, the 650V/240mΩ, 8x8mm DFN-packaged INN650D240A for S3, and the INN650DA240A, a 5x6mm DFN 650V/240mΩ device for S4. S5 and S6 are delivered by the INN150LA070A, a 150V/7mΩ, 2.2×3.2mm LGA part within Innoscience’s low-voltage GaN HEMT range.

The  company has its own normally-off, single-die technology and 8in wafer GaN-on-Si production capacity.

In the consumer market, fast charging products have led the adoption of GaN technology.

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