These 5 Spring Shoe Colors Go With Everything

In the winter months (for me, at least), shoe colors can be a bit of an afterthought. Day after day, I just reach for black leather boots or gray sneakers, but that all changes in spring. When temperatures start rising back up and my arms reemerge from the layers of fabric they’ve been hiding under for months, I relish not having to worry about slipping on ice patches and instead worrying about which shoes look best with my outfit.

That said, I don’t think owning a million pairs of spring shoes is necessary. In fact, you’ll be more than prepared for spring with just five highly versatile shoe colors. And as you’ll see below, I didn’t include black shoes, as they kind of go without saying. The five shoe colors I did choose to focus on include some neutrals and some more outside-the-box colors that are surprisingly easy to wear with breezy spring clothes. So if you’re as ready to shop for spring footwear as I am, keep scrolling to do just that.

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